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Programs, and Special Events ~ Attend the quarterly Family Nature Scavenger Hunts!

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This summer  Tommy visited the Butterfly Pavilion with his parents.   He giggled when a butterfly landed on his shirt and stayed there for 15 minutes.   He watched intently as the butterfly moved its long legs as it re-adjusted to the movements of his shirt.  He was amazed at all the small Pacific Tree Frogs that were hopping everywhere.

He learned how to very carefully catch one and release it onto a lily pad in the pond.   He came back for visits several times during the summer.  Tommy would lay down in the grass and watch at ground level as frogs jumped nearby.  Now he talks almost daily about revisiting the Nature Center.  The life of butterflies, how caterpillars eat and go through metamorphosis, what frogs eat, how they jump and how they start out as pollywogs – Tommy now talks about all these subjects with a tone of wonder and very focused curiosity.  They are not just pictures in a story book – but real experiences he has had interacting with the natural world.  These gentle memories have formed a strong connection for Tommy to the real world.  His experiences are affirming in a way that digital games, videos and social media cannot imitate.  These grounding experiences are what Rusk Ranch Nature Center is all about.

It’s why all of us – the board, the volunteers, staff and community partners are all working to support the Rusk Ranch Nature Center!

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Leaving a Legacy for Illinois Valley:  As we plan this vision for the future to create a beautiful world class Nature Discovery Center for our community, consider the possibility of leaving a legacy gift to benefit our community.  Talk with your attorney or estate planner to make a charitable donation that will help connect children and adults to nature for generations to come.      Email the Executive Director: