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—Activities and Tasks of Butterfly Pavilion Docent

Act as a Docent for the Butterfly Pavilion.  Docents provide our visitors with an enjoyable, interactive, learning experience and help with the core operational activities of the Butterfly Pavilion.  Duties include:  opening and closing responsibilities, greeting and providing information for our guests, answering questions, handling monetary transactions and admissions, and maintaining the Butterfly Pavilion’s habitat, butterflies, and exhibits.

҉    Special Skills

Butterfly Pavilion Docents must be at least 18 years old and possess good people skills.  Your interest and enthusiasm are the main requirements.  If you are interested in our natural environment, learning new things, sharing knowledge with others, and inspiring youth then this will be a highly rewarding experience for you!

҉    Training Required

Docents receive a short training regarding native butterflies and an orientation about the organization.

҉    Time Commitment

Butterfly Pavilion Docents are encouraged to volunteer at least 1-2 shifts/month during our busy season, spring and summer, but any amount of time is welcomed!

҉    Supervisor

Volunteer Coordinator and Butterfly Pavilion Coordinator.

҉    Benefits

In exchange for your participation we provide our Butterfly Pavilion Docents with free one-year memberships to Rusk Ranch Nature Center.   You will also be recognized for your service at our End-of-Summer Volunteer and Staff Event (family members are welcome!).  This is an excellent opportunity to develop new skills and interests, meet new people, and make an impact in your community.  Participants will gain knowledge about our natural history, native butterflies and their life cycles and habitats.  Join us to benefit our community’s enrichment activities and economic development, become a positive role model and inspire youth!

҉    Contact Us

Call us at (541) 287-2164, select the ‘Contact Us‘ tab on our website, or send an email to info@ruskranchnaturecenter.org.

Rusk Ranch Nature Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, physical circumstances, age, status as a veteran, or national origin.