Butterflies & Milkweed

Monarch Butterflies are severely threatened with loss of habitat and the decline of wild milkweed that they must have to survive.  At the center, the Cat Crew volunteers feed perhaps 50 caterpillars a day to raise butterflies for the Butterfly Pavilion.   At the pavilion you can see chrysalids, caterpillars and emerging butterflies!  Page down to order milkweed seeds.

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Order your Milkweed Plants and Seeds Now!  (Email us for bulk prices)

Seed Packets of Local Milkweed (speciosa), Tropical Milkweed (curassavica) or Swamp milkweed (incarnata)…all $4 per packet of approximately 50 seeds. (Bulk prices available.)


~ Speciosa $1 per sprout (usually 4 in a pot)

~Tropical in 1 gallon pots $6

~ Swamps in 1 gallon pots $6

~ Flats of 30 Local milkweed starts $30

To Order:

Call 541-287-2164  


email:  ruskranchnaturecenter  AT  gmail.com