Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity that will be fun and rewarding?   

Would you like to help foster awareness, appreciation, and respect for nature in others?


 If so, then you should become a VOLUNTEER for the
Rusk Ranch Nature Center!  Click: Contact Us

We are currently signing up people for the following:

~ Butterfly Docent: Greet guests and walk them through the Butterfly Pavilion!

~ Team Leader: Help to guide our next Americorps team with brush clearing & with building projects – specifically a children’s stage and puppet theatre and the turtle pond.  The Americorps teams are so full of enthusiasm and good will.  It’s a great experience to interact with them as they help our community!

~ Event Elf: Help at the Labor Day event booth, the Closing event elf house workshop, or the Holiday event – Last year’s Holiday event at the cottage was lovely and fun – we have another one planned for this year with an added raffle and silent auction.  Event Elves decorate, connect to event sponsors and get to interface with the leaders, movers and shakers in our community

~ If you can only participate on a one-time-only basis, that’s fine too!  Just give us a call.

There are many opportunities to be involved with the nature center throughout the year.  We are creating the Natural Playground with a variety of play features like log fort, simulated natural stream and earth-bound climbing wall & slide.  This year we are also beginning the wetlands restoration and turtle pond installation.      Want to know more?  Call 541-287-0172 or email us at :   ruskranchnaturecenter  AT  gmail.com

Volunteer Opportunities Include:

Butterfly Pavilion Docent

Caterpillar Keeper

Special Program and Event Assistance

Workshop Instructors

For volunteer information contact the
Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer coordinator

select the ‘Volunteer‘ tab on our website and fill out the form,
or send an email to email for ruskranchnaturecenter.org.
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Rusk Ranch Nature Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, physical circumstances, age, status as a veteran, or national origin.