Volunteer Opportunities

Are you a lifelong-learner who enjoys sharing knowledge with others?

Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity that will be fun and rewarding?

Would you like to help foster awareness, appreciation, and respect for nature in others?

If so, then you should become a VOLUNTEER for the
Rusk Ranch Nature Center!  Click: Contact Us

We are currently signing up people for the following:

~ Butterfly Garden Intern: Help with gardening and pavilion maintenance over the winter.  Learn about how to grow milkweed and nectar plants for butterflies.  Sign up for 2 hours on a Tuesday or Thursday morning.

~ Team Leader: Help to guide our next Americorps team with brush clearing & with building projects – specifically a children’s stage and puppet theatre and the turtle pond.  The Americorps teams are so full of enthusiasm and good will.  It’s a great experience to interact with them as they help our community!

~ Event Elf: Help at the Labor Day event booth, the Closing event elf house workshop, or the Holiday event – Last year’s Holiday event at the cottage was lovely and fun – we have another one planned for this year with an added raffle and silent auction.  Event Elves decorate, connect to event sponsors and get to interface with the leaders, movers and shakers in our community

~ If you can only participate on a one-time-only basis, that’s fine too!  Just give us a call.

There are many opportunities to be involved with the nature center throughout the year.  We are creating the Natural Playground with a variety of play features like log fort, simulated natural stream and earth-bound climbing wall & slide.  This year we are also beginning the wetlands restoration and turtle pond installation.      Want to know more?  Call 541-287-0172 or email us at  info@ruskranchnaturecenter.org.

Volunteer Opportunities Include:

Butterfly Pavilion Docent

C aterpillar Keeper

Special Program and Event Assistance

Workshop Instructors

 For volunteer information contact the
Volunteer Coordinator at (541) 287-2164,
select the ‘Volunteer‘ tab on our website and fill out the form,
or send an email to info@ruskranchnaturecenter.org.
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Rusk Ranch Nature Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, physical circumstances, age, status as a veteran, or national origin.

    THANK YOU! for donating, sharing and emailing the link to our site! With deep gratitude,
    The Board and Volunteers of Rusk Ranch Nature Center.
    SUN School offers outdoor summer school for kids in our valley to prevent summer learning loss. There is no summer school option for elementary kids in our valley.

    Kids from more affluent areas that have summer enrichment for kids, do not fall behind over summer. Contribute today to support SUN School at the Nature Center!

    Give children in our community opportunities to explore nature, experience outdoor fun and do hands-on learning. Jump in and help us make it happen!

    CLICK on a donate button and make it happen!
    Butterfly Pavilion and center are OPEN for 2017 season!
    Thanks so much to all the lovely nature lovers who dropped by this year already !!!
    The Butterfly Pavilion, Hummingbird Garden & Natural Playground are open May - Oct, 11am to 4pm Tuesday through Sunday (UNLESS ITS RAINING! - Butterflies don't fly in the rain.). School groups can make appointments to visit - no charge for school groups over 10 students. The Natural Playground is a blast!

    BUTTERFLY PLANTS: We sell milkweed plants, seeds of 3 types of milkweed and starts of local milkweed. Call 541-287-0172 to get yours. They attract butterflies like crazy and Monarchs can only lay eggs on milkweed.

    BUTTERFLY FLYWAY PROJECT: Get native milkweed starts for your garden at your non-sprayed location. Order now in bulk for Spring 2017-18. Milkweed is disappearing all over the west coast due to spraying and removal – but Monarch Butterflies cannot exist without it! So their numbers are down dramatically also. Help us feed the wild Monarch caterpillars and support this amazing native species.

    NATURE & ART FESTIVAL; Free family fun in nature - Arts, Crafts, Recycle activity Pollinator game, Salmon Journey water play, Last weekend in June ~ Call 541-287-0172 for info or vendor packet.

    GET INVOLVED! Help make kids nature programs available and build the new Oregon Nature & Environmental Discovery Center (O.N.E. Discovery) IF YOU ALREADY DONATED - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! Or click on the Volunteers button in the menu or read the section on volunteering in the Rusk Ranch Nature Center News – if you have a skill to share just let us know. : )

    At Rusk Ranch Nature Center we give children opportunities to explore nature, experience outdoor fun and do hands-on learning. Jump in and help us make it happen!
    -- Click the DONATE button & Contribute today to support summer outdoor SUN School, to show how all nature is inter-connected and inter-dependent. YES WE CAN take checks: POB 872, Cave Junction, OR 97523 ~ AND Pledges- send pledge info by email: info@ruskranchnaturecenter.org : )

  • Rusk Ranch Nature Center Location

    Rusk Ranch Nature Center
    27746 Redwood Hwy
    Cave Junction, OR 97523

    Mailing address: RRNC, POBox 872, Cave Junction, OR 97523

    Email: info@ruskranchnaturecenter.org

    Phone: 541-287-2164

    Check us out on Facebook!

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